Leadership Development for Faith-Based Leaders

A simple 3-Step Transformational Journey to guide you into becoming the Christ-like Shepherd God has called upon you to be.

The Aspire 78:72 Biblical Leadership Program helps faith-based leaders learn how to manage conflict, build trust, and delegate effectively, all while creating a positive and lasting culture within your organization.

So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, And guided them with his skillful hands.—Psalm 78:72

Aspire Leadership Founder, Jeff Banning, has worked with hundreds of leaders over the last 30 years—and discovered these three common challenges among faith-based leaders:

Does this sounds familiar to you?

You want to lead with purpose and clarity, but you can’t seem to break through the noise.

You’ve consumed all the podcasts, read the best-sellers, and attended conferences on becoming a better leader…but nothing seems to have a lasting impact or change.

You’re doing it all—your growing “to do” list is never ending. It feels like you’re constantly swimming upstream, never getting ahead. You feel like you’re out on an island by yourself.

You know, in your heart, that you want to lead with purpose—and that there must be a better way forward... if only you had a trusted Shepherd to light the way.

Today's Faith Leader is Facing Unprecedented Challenges

We don’t have to tell you it’s tough out there. On top of already feeling like you’re on an island by yourself, you’ve been silently battling another obstacle: the volunteering rate is on the decline.

It seems as soon as you get one great volunteer or staff member trained, they leave for greener pastures. And you’re stuck back at square one trying to find helpers in a tough-as-nails environment.

You have dreams of growing your organization, rising to your ultimate calling of spreading the word of Christ, making a BIG impact in your community, and becoming the highly respected, Christian leader you aspire to be.

Being a Christ-like shepherd is hard, especially when it seems like the number of volunteers keeps shrinking and you have more responsibilities than ever. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Aspire Leadership, we help you navigate the daily demands of being a faith-based leader so that you can lead with confidence, finally get clarity, and move closer to Jesus Christ.

The percentage of Americans who donate their time

fell 12.5%

since 2021, according to a recent Gallop® report.

Aspire's 3 Secrets to Success

We help faith-based leaders boost productivity, reduce turnover, and create a lasting culture by equipping them with the necessary leadership tools and skills that:

Drives Growth

Make a larger impact in your community through growth.

Builds Trust

Create a culture that’s deeply rooted in trust.

Creates Connection

Build stronger, more resilient teams that can weather any storm.

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We drive help you drive growth, build trust, and create connection with your team by developing you in three behaviors that we discovered are the key to unlocking influential leadership: Curiosity, Humility, and Empathy.

How Aspire 78:72 Leadership Program Works

Our Leadership Program is Facilitated in Four Unique Ways to Increase Effectiveness

Online Resources

Our curriculum is delivered in person or zoom with online resources.

Daily Journals

You and your team will receive a set of printed daily intentional action journals that include our traction plan to use throughout the program. 

Mastermind Sessions

You’ll attend live weekly Mastermind calls to help keep you on track and accountable to your success in the program.

Weekly Emails

Every week, you’ll receive emails from our program leads to reinforce your progress and to keep you motivated.

The Aspire 78:72 Difference

What makes Aspire 78:72 different from other leadership programs?

Foundational Behaviors

The Daily Disciplines modeled by Jesus that change the world:
Curiosity, Humility and Empathy. We push Aspiring Leaders to use these daily disciplines to create habits for a lifetime of influence and impact.


A Facilitated, Proven Process that provides collaborative peer to peer mentoring where individuals support and challenge one another.

Traction PLan

The Aspire Experience has a proven systematic approach with our traction plan to incorporate these three foundations into the everyday life of an Influential Leader.


Our unique approach incorporates accountability. Behavior changes only when there are clear expectations and responsibilities – we give you both.

Unlike other leadership material the Aspire Experience offers you lasting change and greater impact as you walk through your leadership journey modeling the most influential leader, Jesus Christ.

Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did. 1 John 2:6

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How Aspire is Different

We focus on three key areas that make Aspire unique from other leadership programs that are available for you to choose from.


Friction is the where the rubber hits the road—we only grow when we are outside of our comfort zones. We push them to become Influential Leaders through developing influential behaviors


Aspire leaders are required to take what they have learned and put it into action. With this unique approach, we help create new & lasting habits.


Our unique approach incorporates accountability. Behavior changes only when there are clear expectations and responsibilities—we give you both. 


The Aspire 78:72 Experience

Our program is offered bi-annually and limited to 100 seats. Early registration is encouraged due to the demand for the Aspire 78:72 Leadership program. Below is an overview of our proven process.


Make a Plan

The first step of the process is to schedule a quick, 15-minute call to talk to our team of experts. We'll help you understand if Aspire 78:72 is a good fit for your ministry.


Choose Launch Date

Work with our team to plan the official kickoff date for your program.

STEP Three

The Aspire Experience

Take your staff and leadership through the Aspire 78:72 Experience


Become a More Christ-like Shepherd

Lead a healthy and growing organization as a Christ-like Shepherd.

Schedule a Quick 15-Minute Call

Have a question about our courses or want to explore leadership gaps?

Reach out to us, and we will schedule a call with you to learn more. We’ll get you started on the path to leadership growth.